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Additives & Lubricants Nos prix sont affichés HT.

The automotive additives and lubricants developed by our company are 80% based on environmentally friendly products. They significantly improve and preserve the performance of your engines and gearboxes 


  • Additive box oil

    This lubricant reduces friction and operating temperature to recover the energy absorbed and achieve a quieter and more efficient operation of your gearbox. 

  • Additive Lubricant Diesel

    The properties of silicones transformed and developed by the ACTALYS laboratory provide dramatic improvements in the functioning of diesel vehicles when added to the gas oil.

  • Additive Diesel Petrol

    Diesel or gasoline additives clean the entire carburetion system in one application:
    Injectors, intake valves, manifolds, injection pumps, carburettors, exhaust valves, combustion chambers. It is a complex mixture of molecules that will improve the functioning of your engine and all its power.

  • Particle Filter

    The cleaning agents of our product will turn your gasoil into super cleaner and thus make all are effective to your particle filter.

  • Brake Fluid

    Our silicone-based synthetic brake fluid provides high temperature operation for brake and clutch systems.

  • Lubricant Engine Boite & Pont