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M600 FLACON 100ML / 1L

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M600 ECO is a super lubricant with high lubrication properties and high chemical and thermal stability.

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M600 ECO is a super lubricant with high lubrication properties and high chemical and thermal stability.
M600 ECO is compatible with all mineral oils, detergents, and synthetic oils, as well as chlorinated hydrocarbons; only graphite oils are incompatible. M600 ECO achieves 93% thermal and mechanical efficiency.

M600 ECO is not an additive because it does not modify the molecular structure of oils.
M600 ECO does not pose a risk of loss of guarantee of your equipment. Due to its molecular structure, M600 ECO cannot clog your filters.

Engine oils have a pull-out resistance of between 2 and 5 kg/mm2; with M600 ECO, pull-out resistance is 160 kg/mm2.
The thermal stability of oils is typically between 200° and 260°.
The thermal stability of oils with added M600 ECO is from -60° to +650°C.

The benefits of M600 ECO for your industrial applications.
Reduced friction coefficients on all surfaces covered in oil treated with M600 ECO.
Significantly reduced power loss of your industrial equipment through significantly reduced internal friction: thermal engines, compressors, casings, power transmission components, gear boxes, couplers, tool machine, treatment of static and hydrodynamic bearings.
Stabilisation due to reduced local warming phenomena (provided there is no irreversible local damage to mechanical components). Thermal and mechani- cal performance obtained is in the order of 93%.

Reduced noise emission from power transmissions.
Extended life of oil through permanent elimination of aqueous compounds. Reduced maintenance costs: less wear and tear on components, less frequent oil changes.
Possible use as a super lubricant for metal cutting.
No risk of filter clogging.

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Shake the formula well to obtain perfect homogeneity.
Vehicle use:
Run the engine for 10 minutes before adding M600 ECO for the first time. Engine treatment: add 2% of M600 ECO to oils depending on the case. Doses can be doubled without any drawbacks for sport, competition and rally conditions: 4% of M600 ECO.
Please note that due to the efficiency of M600 ECO lubrication, you should not add it to an engine that has been running for more than 20 hours. During this period, it is perfectly normal for a large amount of steam to appear (evaporation of traces of aqueous components in the oil).
Industrial use:
Incorporate after initial testing of industrial equipment (at least 50h of operation).
Incorporate M600 ECO in one go in the hot oil, ideally at the nominal operating temperature of the oil adapted to the equipment (90-100°). Complete protection of surfaces takes place after 30 mins of operation. No need to increase the dose for a remedial treatment of local heating.
Dosing: 2% to be added to the oil.
Remedial mode: in the event of jamming, M600 ECO is used in its pure state. (Without oil)
M600 ECO treats all mechanical devices operating in severe conditions: air compressor, reducer, gear box, thermal engine, gas engine, combus- tion engine, etc.
You are strongly advised to use M600 ECO in mechanisms using friction forces such as oil bath clutches, automatic gear boxes, brakes and limited-slip differentials.


Cardboard box 24 x 100 ml
Cardboard box 4 x 5 L
Barrel 30-60-210L

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